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Lu Jong

Tibetan Healing Yoga
Meditation in Movement

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Lu – body    Jong – training or transformation

The Lu Jong practice is a series of body movements which was developed more than 8,000 years ago in Tibet. Lu Jong originates in the Buddhist Tantrayana and Bön traditions and is based on Tibetan Medicine. Through the combination of pose, breathing and smooth movements Lu Jong releases the body’s physical blockages. As a consequence the practice of Lu Jong helps cultivating a balance on the physical, mental and energetic levels. Lu Jong is tibetan healing yoga, meditation in movement.

On the physical level, the movements support the healing processes and also effectively combat diseases. With regular practice more flexibility, strength
 and overall vitality will be reached.
On a mental level, Lu Jong helps us overcome negative emotions in order to achieve emotional balance and to increase our energy. Through the exercises of Lu Jong the mind can be influenced in such a way that it becomes free and compassionate. Well being, body awareness and inner sensitivity, as well as power of concentration and clarity are strengthened.
On an energetic level, Lu Jong releases blockages and opens the subtle body channels. Reestablishing proper energy flows has profound consequences for the health of body and mind. Thus opening our channels means opening our hearts.

This form of Lu Jong originates in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang, who introduced the practice of Lu Jong to the West. The result is an extensive program of physical movements, which brings body and mind into balance. The practice of Lu Jong is suitable for all ages and physical abilities.

Link to Buddhist Medical Center Nangten Menlang:

Tulku Lobsang

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About me

Über mich

After experiencing different yoga styles I got in touch with Lu Jong.  I remember the first Lu Jong workshop I attended: it was amazing and it felt like an epiphany. I really got inspired by the effectiveness and profoundness of Lu Jong.

So I then decided to learn Lu Long from scratch.

With many positive experiences of body and mind I transformed my teacher training into a teaching profession. 

Lu Jong is a way to get a calmer mind, to be more independent- minded and to reach a high level of body awareness. I am happy about anyone with whom I can share this.

„... what impresses me the most 

and still inspires me is the subtle 

nature of Lu Jong combined with such 

an intensive effect on body and mind.


Caroline Kutscha

Certified Lu Jong Teacher

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Lu Jong Class

Studio body & mind

Rothenbaumchaussee 156 

20149 Hamburg

open class | 60 min

€ 25.00 price per person

next open class 

Friday 03rd April 2020

06:30 p.m. to 08:00 p.m.

90 min | € 25,00

The lesson is about 21 exercises incl. the 5 elements exercises. The exercises will be explained in detail. The class is suitable for beginners and for those who want to get a closer look into Lu Jong. 

booking request

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one-on-one lesson Lu Jong 

Studio body & mind

Rothenbaumchaussee 156 

20149 Hamburg

length of lesson free compatible

60 min | € 65.00

90 min | € 95.00

individual appointment

The one-on-one lesson is most suitable for an individual and profound teaching.

booking request

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Caroline Kutscha


Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 105

20359 Hamburg

T +49 (0) 176 72 58 48 47

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